What is QuickTable?

What is QuickTable?

QuickTable is a versatile data-modeling tool that enables your team to collaborate, clean, and transform data from multiple sources without writing code. With QuickTable, your business analysts, data engineers, and data scientists can simultaneously access and work on your data in real time to produce significant insights in no time.

Why use QuickTable?

  • QuickTable eliminates up to 70% of the time wasted in data preparation compared to traditional ways.
  • QuickTable turns your team into data experts by providing productive tools and intuitive GUI controls through which your team can quickly analyze, clean, and model data with zero coding involved.
  • QuickTable supports 100+ data sources, easily connected and integrated within QuickTable.
  • QuickTable includes 100+ built-in data transformations to help you begin the journey.
  • QuickTable can detect and fix data quality issues that would have taken ages to uncover.

How does QuickTable work?

You can start by connecting your data sources and SaaS tools and loading your data into QuickTable. Once integrated, you can create your data preparation tasks or use our built-in transformations, such as filtering anomalies, converting data to standard formats, correcting invalid values, and more. Now your team can clean, visualize, and transform massive amounts of data in seconds, no scripting required.
You can use recipes to create macros of your frequently-used transformations. Save time by deploying your recipes on other datasets and editing them on demand.
You can share results through a WYSIWYG report that includes data processing steps, insights, and charts. You can further embed this report in your other knowledge management products, such as Notion, Miro, and ClickUp.
What is QuickTable?
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