Create and share docs


In QuickTable, you can create a WYSIWYG document to record your data processing ideas, processes and conclusions. Whether it's embedding charts you made in a recipe into a document to support your argument, or embedding a image, video or other online application to create a report and share it with your teammates, you can easily do it through a QuickTable Doc.

Where to create a doc

Create a new doc through the button in the image below:

Introduction to Doc

When you create a new document:
  1. 1.
    Headings you add to the document will appear here.
  2. 2.
    Here is the toolbar, where you can do typography and embed material.
  3. 3.
    Here you can save the document and share it to your teammates.

Toolbar introduction

From here you can add charts, images, videos to your document:
The charts you reference from the recipe are managed here:
You can turn on the full screen switch to show more content.

How to add a chart from a recipe

First you need to create a chart in any recipe, next click this button:
Then select the recipe under the project:
Select the chart you want to insert (multiple selection is supported) :
The inserted charts will look like the image below:
You can click on the chart to call out the frame of the chart, and then drag the frame to zoom in or out:
These buttons can be adjusted for layout:
It should be noted that when the chart in your recipe changes, you need to actively update the chart in the document to get the latest version.
You can also batch update all charts referenced by this document in the Linked Objects:

Share a doc

Click the Share button. Search and share with your team members. Note: you need to invite them into your workspace first.