Frequently asked questions

How can I change the input dataset for a recipe?
The first step in the recipe is to load the dataset. You can click the modify data source icon on the right side of it to switch the dataset at will. After switching datasets, the page refreshes and you may need to resolve exceptions due to data schema changes.
How can I update my recipe running result to the newest if my data source data is updated?
In the recipe, you can click the Update button at the top right of the page to get the newest data.
Can I share my datasets or data transformations with my team?
Yes, you can invite your teammates into your workspace and share datasets and recipes with them. You can do this in Settings -> Members.
What happens when I hit my usage limits?
If you reach our workspace or dataset limitations, you can still use your existing datasets and recipes. We'll let you know about overage fees and give you a grace period to find a plan that suits your needs.
What is the maximum amount of data that QuickTable supports?
QuickTable supports loading up to 1G of sample data. If your data volume exceeds the limit, you can modify the sampling rules to load the data you need to filter out for exploration.
If my dataset exceeds the QuickTable limit, how can I run the recipe on the full volume?
Although QuickTable has a 1G data sampling limit, QuickTable is serverless, and no matter your skill level, you can explore and transform terabytes of raw data without creating clusters or managing any infrastructure. You can configure a job to run a recipe to get all the data.
Can't jump to Fivetran for data integration?
It is possible that your chrome has the AdblockPlus plugin installed, and the jump is blocked. You can configure it to allow jumping to Fivetran.
Why can't I see the data immediately after Fivetran is configured?
When Fivetran is configured for the first time, a task is started to extract data from the data source into QuickTable. You need to wait for the task to complete before you can see the synced data.
How long does a Fivetran task take to run to completion?
The first synchronization depends on the size of your data, please wait patiently for the task to complete. Subsequent data synchronization will run incrementally, and the time will be relatively short.